Coffee, Bakery, Deli, Biltong

Freshly brewed Coffee

You will find us brewing your favourite cup daily from dawn till dusk, making coffee time anytime.

We only use 100% Arabica beans. Our full- bodied coffee with a nutty aroma and flavour will get you going anytime from 7am until tonight 8.30pm.

Swellendam Coffee
Swellendam Bread

Daily Baked goods

We are passionate about baking good bread. Our bakery selection has grown, but our values are as solid as the day we baked our first loaf of bread back in 2015.

We bake daily, seven days a week, for Swellendam. Every bakery item is created by hand with traditional baking methods and natural ingredients ensuring a true country product each time. We have a no-waste policy and we believe in giving a helping hand in our community. We donate any excess produce at the end of each day to a local charity. 

We are a small team of local, ordinary people who aim to make an extraordinary difference by suppling fresh hand- baked products from our kitchen to yours.

Our Deli

Our deli offers a variety of cold meats, cheeses, free range eggs, and other deli items to complement our bakery.

We source these items with great care to ensure good quality, sustainability and delicious produce.

Swellendam Fresh Food Deli
Swellendam Biltong

Biltong & other dried meats

Traditional biltong is a key ingredient of our business.

We can’t imagine a South African town without biltong. In the Overberg and on route to the Garden route,  we are your biltong stop.

We sell delicious carefully selected and moist biltong, droewors and other dried meats.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
– Walt Disney